Class FilterView

    • Constructor Detail

      • FilterView

        public FilterView()
    • Method Detail

      • getController

        public Controller getController()
      • getDisplay

        public Display getDisplay()
      • setMeasurementsCount

        public void setMeasurementsCount​(int count)
      • setMemoryConsmption

        public void setMemoryConsmption​(int megabytes)
      • showTriggerWarning

        public void showTriggerWarning​(boolean show,
                                       int max,
                                       int current)
        show -
        max - the upper limit of triggers allowed to be displayed
        current - the current number of triggers within the selected simulation time span
      • enableMetricsCombo

        public void enableMetricsCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableTriggerTypeCombo

        public final void enableTriggerTypeCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableTriggerInstanceCombo

        public void enableTriggerInstanceCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableAssemblyContextCombo

        public void enableAssemblyContextCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableMeasuringPointsFromCombo

        public void enableMeasuringPointsFromCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableMeasuringPointsToCombo

        public void enableMeasuringPointsToCombo​(boolean enabled)
      • enableSimulationTimeComposite

        public void enableSimulationTimeComposite​(boolean enabled)
      • enableDiagramTypeCombo

        public void enableDiagramTypeCombo​(boolean enable)
      • enablePlotButton

        public void enablePlotButton​(boolean enabled)
      • clearMetadataExpandItems

        public void clearMetadataExpandItems()