Interface IntermediateCalculatorFrom<F,​S>

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    public interface IntermediateCalculatorFrom<F,​S>
    A half-finished BinaryCalculator that expects to be provided with the first probe ("from"-probe) in this construction step.

    Allows for a "fluent" construction of calculators.

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        IntermediateCalculatorTo<F,​S> from​(F first,
                                                 String property,
                                                 Object... measurementContexts)
        Tells this calculator where and when a new calculation is supposed to start.
        first - the element where the calculation starts
        property - the element's observed property; once this property changes, a new calculation starts
        measurementContexts - restricts the calculation to these measurement contexts; if supplied, a new calculation is started only when the observed property change took place in the scope of the given contexts.
        a another half-finished, near to complete, calculator.