Class SimulatedResourceContainer

  • public class SimulatedResourceContainer
    extends Object
    A simulated resource container contains SimActiveResources for various ResourceTypes.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimulatedResourceContainer

        public SimulatedResourceContainer​(org.palladiosimulator.pcm.resourceenvironment.ResourceContainer specification)
        Constructs an empty resource container, i.e. the container does not yet contain any resources.
        specification - the resource container specification
      • SimulatedResourceContainer

        public SimulatedResourceContainer​(org.palladiosimulator.pcm.resourceenvironment.ResourceContainer specification,
                                          SimulatedResourceContainer parent)
        Constructs an empty resource container as a child (e.g. a virtual machine) of the specified parent container (e.g. the physical host machine).
        specification - the resource container specification
        parent - the parent resource container
    • Method Detail

      • findCommunicationLink

        public CommunicationLink findCommunicationLink​(SimulatedResourceContainer communicationTarget)
        Finds the communication link that connects this resource container to the specified target resource container.
        communicationTarget - the target resource container
        the communication link between the resource containers, if there is one; null else
      • registerCommunicationLink

        public void registerCommunicationLink​(CommunicationLink link)
      • getParent

        public SimulatedResourceContainer getParent()
        Returns the parent resource container. For example, if this resource container represents a virtual machine (VM), the parent resource container could represent the VM's physical host machine.
        the parent, if there is a parent; null else
      • getSpecification

        public org.palladiosimulator.pcm.resourceenvironment.ResourceContainer getSpecification()